Why I Wrote a Book on Autism?

The True Story of a Child Freed from the Bonds of AutismWhy I Wrote a Book on Autism?  …   My son was diagnosed with autism in 1994, and I discovered how overwhelming the information on autism was. There was too much and too little all at the same time as most parents out there can identify with.

Once my husband and I found the sources, we felt buried in the contradictions, arguments, and heartache.

I even arrived at the decision that I didn’t care what caused my son to be autistic…I just wanted to know how to fix it. Every feasible intervention that showed promise and we could financially handle, we implemented. Eventually, we picked an intense, financially challenging road. We spent thousands of hours with my son…around 1800 hours of one-on-one just the first year. But it was worth every hour and every dollar spent.

When the child development specialist announced that my son no longer met the criteria for the autism diagnoses when my son was five years old, I was ecstatic on several levels. It meant so much for my son to interact and attend school independently…and thrive. He was a happy kid with a great sense of humor. Gone were the odd behaviors and mute, nonexistent responses. At that time, I didn’t plan on writing a book.

Often, I would meet someone in the autism community who didn’t know or understand many of the concepts I had learned that were key in my son’s recovery from autism. I was shocked that they weren’t doing some of the interventions we had…even people who had the money. So I wrote our story…each reader lives the experience with us as the heartache unfolds to wholeness, joy, and hope. It’s an emotionally-charged story inside the life of therapy. And I emphasize the word, inside. I invite you to read my story.

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