Autism, Guilt, and Blame

The True Story of a Child Freed from the Bonds of AutismAutism, Guilt, and Blame

In life, disasters inevitably come. When they do, I have a tendency to blame myself. At the onset of finding out the news that my son, Jeremy, was autistic, I followed the typical pattern. I tried to figure out what I could have done wrong. I review my pregnancy and could think of nothing. I ate well and took care of my health. Maybe it was the time, I came to pick Jeremy up at daycare when he was one year old, and he was wet with bleach and no one had bothered to change him. Would that harm him like that? Did I make a mistake enrolling him in that place? Maybe.

Quickly my husband and I decided not to blame each other’s genes. That path was useless and would only make me bitter. Was our environment so toxic that he was affected? I feared it might be. But who knows a satisfactory answer to this mystery.

Eventually, I arrived at the decision that I had not caused my son’s autism. I then became more interested in how to fix it. Some would say you can’t, but I decided that there must be something to help Jeremy whatever the cause. At the time he was only two. It felt wrong to give up on a two year old. Within a few months I set up a plan…it was a concentrated effort and laying down a structured, rigorous plan to work with Jeremy for six hours a day six days a week. Part of the plan was to make learning positive and fun for him. I finally knew I was doing all I could do to help Jeremy, but in doing that I helped myself. Giving Jeremy what he needed had taken the focus off who to blame. The focus was on teaching my son and redirecting him when he needed it. The program help me to stay disciplined and on task. We had dramatic and wonderful results. The life of my son was at stake; it was all worth the effort.

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